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Jan C.

I was diagnosed with slight Thoracic Scoliosis around age 16. Nothing more was mentioned throughout the years until 2010 at age 76 when a bone density report casually mentioned significant scoliosis of L3 and 4. A spine clinic exam measured 36% curve which would maybe increase 1% a year. That alarmed me as results have shown I have a tendency toward knock knees and bow legs which put pressure and damage on the knees and back. X-rays show moderate Arthritis of both knees. No positive suggestions or exercises were given to me. Just live with it.

March thru August 2011 – I had what I thought were severe Arthritis flare ups, but must have been Pre-patellar Bursitis (as a physical therapist suggested) of the Rt. Knee, because it finally cleared up after I had a Cortisone shot late August 2011.

Because of those months of flare-ups I saw an Orthopedic Doctor who suggested knee replacements at some point. I am now trusting long term Chiropractic Care to Control my problems and avoid the need for replacements. He past five months I have been doing thigh tightening exercises to stabilize my knees and recently did 12 Chiropractic treatments at HealthWise Chiropractic Clinic to align my back and prevent further damage. Dr. Jackie did an extensive exam and x-rays to confirm my spine curvature. I feel so relieved to have met Dr. Jackie and Dr. Jeremy outside Rossmoor Safeway one sunny Sat. as I was leaving with my groceries. I smiled at this friendly couple and went off to my car where I discovered I had forgotten to bring my plastic bags in to recycle. On my return to Safeway with the bags I got into a conversation with Dr. Jeremy, and made an appointment for a complimentary exam to learn what modern Chiropractic can do for me. I feel it was Fate that brought us together. I am looking forward to more treatments to keep my back in line and the Scoliosis in check.

I had always had a fear of chiropractic even though I have friends who go regularly. But now, as my back and knees feel better I am starting to enjoy longer walks again. I wish I had known what help was out there for me 20 or 30 years ago. I am a late but Happy beginner thanks to running into Dr. Jackie and Dr. Jeremy.

Bob B.

I came to you with a hurting neck and a very stiff and painful upper back. As someone who exercises regularly I found this both painful and frustrating as I was unable to “roll” out the knots. My chair and computer were aligned correctly so what was wrong?

I found you through BNI Business Networking International where we are both members. There are so many practitioners out there I was glad to find someone I trusted both inside and outside the treatment office.

Our first visit was mostly examination, a few x-rays and measurements, followed by our first adjustment; my upper cervical disk was out in my neck. The first adjustment was very different from my prior chiropractic experiences where only activators were used and very little body contact to correct the problem.

My hobbies are mentoring, youth ministry, hiking, backpacking, caving and physical fitness – at 50 I am pretty active compared to my peers. Caving is extremely physical requiring use of all limbs, back and neck flexibility and strength. Without a strong and adjusted spine, my backpacking and hiking would not be enjoyable if not impossible to undertake. While Jeremy doesn’t adjust my mind for mentoring and youth ministry, I function better and am more effective in those roles when I am comfortable and aligned.

Since working with Jeremy, my neck has quit hurting and with regular sessions over a couple months my upper back calmed down and is functioning well again. I can move in all directions with ease and strength.

For those of you considering chiropractic as part of your overall health regiment, I would recommend Jeremy for consideration. He has a traditional but fresh and up-beat approach to his work. I always leave his office feeling better, and most importantly, I know the course of my treatment and have new knowledge to help myself go underground for the right reasons – “caving” rather than that long “dirt nap” we all try to avoid.

Nick V.

Years of experiencing sharp convulsions in my neck and back due to a movement disorder left me wondering whether I might have developed serious repetitive stress injuries. Additionally, my condition has left me with many uncertainties about my structural and internal health that no practitioner had been able to answer for me. Due to the persistence of pain associated with my symptoms, I knew it was important that I continued to seek some kind of consultation, but remained unsure about what to do. Everything finally changed for the better when Dr. Jeremy Steel, DC provided the insight and intervention that I needed.

After initial consultation and analysis of my back and neck, Dr. Steel, DC was not only able to finally make clear sense about what kind of damage had been done to my body, but also created a tailored adjustment plan which has provided wonderful results already. In addition, I am continually amazed to leave each appointment feeling an improved sense of overall balance and strength. Especially since I was concerned about long-term damage that my convulsions had caused, the time he has taken to provide understandable and honest explanations about my situation has been just as relieving as the treatments. Dr. Steel, DC’s passion for health and wellness is reflected in his overall clinical knowledge base which reaches impressively far beyond Chiropractic treatment.

Aside from the overdue healing that I have enjoyed during my time with Dr. Steel, DC, I have been so pleased to find one of those rare healthcare practitioners who truly put all of their energy behind their work – the kind that all people seek but only a few actually find. He even took upon himself to do a research project regarding chiropractic intervention in other cases with my uncommon movement disorder. Only someone truly committed to their discipline and about the people they work with would go to such lengths. Dr. Steel, DC has done so, and it has been easy to notice how he puts forth this kind of commitment with all those who are lucky enough to be under his care.

Brittany B.

I was referred to HealthWise Chiropractic by Dr. Jeremy Steel, DC. When I first started care I had a bulging disk in my lower back which stopped me from playing high school basketball. I also had headaches and stomach pains went to a Medical Doctor to find relief and he just told me that I was stressed and needed to take Advil to get rid of the pain. All of the doctors at HealthWise are so nice and always take an interest in what is going on with me! They listen and make sure that I am always progressing. Since I began care at HealthWise Chiropractic, I am now able to run, play basketball, and participate in many activities which I could not do before. HealthWise Chiropractic has helped me so much with my health that I wish I went there sooner.

I also found relief from headaches and stomach problems. He also gave me antacids for my stomach. Now, after chiropractic care, I barely get headaches and can eat things that I couldn’t before.


I sought out chiropractic care with Steel Chiropractic because of my lower back pain. It originally came on because I tried to act younger than I really am while working with a personal trainer. I wanted to be a young stud, but really I am just an old fart. I threw my back out trying to be that young man and now here I am.

I have previously had 2 epidurals shot into my low back and I did physical therapy and neither one worked. They said my next step was surgery. To me that wasn’t a choice.

Dr. Steel, DC and Dr. Jackie have fantastic personalities which is big to me. I am very personable so I like personable people and they are also very knowledgeable, which is a good double whammy. The improvements I have seen include the severe pain I had in my buttocks which made it difficult for me to drive and sit. Now I am able to do both, which is important because my job requires a lot of both.

I am looking forward to getting back into karate and finish up where I left off. I would encourage any of you old farts like myself who thought that this was a quack business to come here first or else you’ll be sorry.

Apple S.

For the past 2-3 years I have had a limp and have not been able to walk without pain. It first started several years ago after a few motorcycle accidents. When I arrived in California I had another accident I where I was hit by a car while I was riding my bicycle. After the accident I couldn’t walk for one week.

At first I took pain medications, but after a while the medication stopped working as well and I still had a limp. The problem was also exacerbated because I stand for several hours at a time at my job.

I was referred to HealthWise Chiropractic Center from my manager at Panache Café. After being seen it was the first time in years that I have been able to walk without a limp and free of pain. I have also not had to take any pain medications since my first visit. In the past I had received chiropractic care in Bangkok and had some relief in my mid back, but not in my lower back.

Heidi T.

After suffering back/neck trauma in a recent car accident, I was referred to HealthWise Chiropractic Center. I cannot say enough about the enthusiastic, professional and EFFECTIVE treatment I have received from Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Jackie. Their patient and compassionate approach quickly eased my initial apprehension and nervousness about using chiropractic care. I am experiencing dramatic improvements in my back/neck from their comprehensive healing plan, and look forward to keeping my life aligned with their help

Matt H.

Doctor Steel has taken the occasional back pain out of my life, and dialed me in to a more ergonomic way of living. I feel like I’m in very capable hands at Steel Chiropractic.

Laural R.

Every time I come in I KNOW I am going to leave in better health making me more accessible to my family, friends and clients. I am the owner of Laural Landscapes so it is imperative that I stay healthy. These guys take good care of me! Everything is better now!


Dr. Jeremy Steel, DC is a 5+ star!!! He and the staff are super friendly and helpful. They make it easy on my work schedule and Dr. Steel, DC is an amazing chiropractor. He also teaches at a local Chiropractic college and is REALLY knowledgeable about the body. Go see them!!


I have been seeing Dr. Steel, DC for several years now. Initially it was for low back pain and then general health. However, several weeks ago I took a bad fall down the stairs and twisted my neck. Dr. Steel, DC came in early the following day to treat me and take x-rays to make sure there was nothing critically wrong – thank goodness, not! He is very gentle and always takes time to explain why things are the way they are and why he is treating me the way he is. I highly recommend Steel Chiropractic to anyway with any body issues!


Jeremy and Jackie are awesome at their profession! Polite and respectable couple with a knack for releasing tension within the human anatomy and giving well knowledgable advice to stay healthy, stay happy, and stay fit with your body. Their facility is great, clean, and comfortable with a good ambiance.


I’ve been dealing with chronic back issues for too many years (close to 20), and I’ve seen probably (conservatively) six chiropractors in that time. Dr. Jeremy Steel, DC is by far the best! I came to him thanks to the recommendation of a friend. This treatment has been superior. Because of my issues, it’s going to take a while to get me healthier, but just in the last 3 months (close to a dozen visits), I’m making progress and in much better shape than before. Dr. Steel, DC is very friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable and perceptive. From my first visit, when I was in excruciating pain, he started to drill down to the core issues in no way that I’ve seen a doctor do before. He’s amazing! And to top it off, each staff person (gotta include Jackie Steel too – she’s so great!) is wonderful. They run a very tight ship. I rarely if ever have to wait (usually I am the one who’s a few minutes late!), and their office is very nice. I recommend Behymer & Steel to anyone who’s looking for a chiropractor.


I have looked for a chiropractor for years and seen over a handful but none of them I was sure about. They all dragged the process along and really were more concerned about increasing the price of treatment than the treatment itself. Steel has been the complete opposite and my body could not be more grateful. Highly recommend if you are looking for a professional yet caring practice.


Jeremy and Jackie are great people! Both doctors are very diligent when it comes to continuing their chiropractic education, and it shows in the service they provide. During the time that I’ve known them, I’ve come to realize how much pride they take in giving their customers the care that they, themselves, would hope to receive if they were lying there on the table. For anyone looking for high quality care, I highly recommend checking out Steel Chiropractic. 🙂


Dr. Steel, DC has the best posture of anyone I know. It’s like eating at a fat chef’s restaurant. Why would you go to anyone who slouches? Dr. Steel, DC is a professional who isn’t looking to treat you for the rest of your life like some other chiropractors. He wants to get you in the best health you can be in. It all starts with your frame and that’s where Steel Chiropractic excels. I regularly refer anyone I know to Steel Chiropractic.


Jeremy and Jackie are awesome at their profession! Polite and respectable couple with a knack for releasing tension within the human anatomy and giving well knowledgable advice to stay healthy, stay happy, and stay fit with your body. Their facility is great, clean, and comfortable with a good ambiance.


Wow! The whole team deserves an A+ from Nasim to the doctors! I have been working with Jeremy since February. Always a skeptic of chiropractics in general, I have been blown away by Jeremy’s professionalism, passion, knowledge and skills. I first met him when he gave an exceptional presentation that won me over. In addition, I have gotten to know Jackie and Jerry as well as the whole group is closely intertwined and supportive of each other and the patients.

My experience and total trust in Jeremy led me to inquire about dog chiropractics when my maltese lost the use of her leg and tail to an embolism. Jeremy explained that Jerry had worked and saved many injured dogs in the past and brought him into the room to talk to me. I am delighted to say that Bella walked into the office a very sad dog on three legs dragging the fourth and left on four legs. As soon as Jerry adjusted her, not only did she start walking on all four legs, but she was the bouncy little girl she had always been and jumped up on her back legs to work everyone in the office. We went back again today and Jackie adjusted her with the same TLC. Bella loved her!

Thank you Jeremy and Jerry for teaching me about how and why chiropractic medicine works, but also for healing my baby! I have become a true believer!


I got injured when I was snowboarding and was having severe back pain for about a month. A friend recommended to see Dr. Steel, DC. I was impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. After an extensive (and impressive) initial exam Dr Steel adjusted my back three times a week. After two weeks my pain was gone !! I was so scared to get my neck adjusted, so Dr Steel figured out a way to adjust me and make me feel better without manual neck adjustment.

Now I go to get adjusted about once a month.It is like visiting family, not doctor’s office. Everybody there is so friendly, nice and efficient. If you are looking for a great chiropractor, do not look anywhere else and do not get put off by Dr. Steel, DC’s young age. She knows what she is doing.


Dr. Steel, DC is a ball of energy! This practitioner does not only have a great sense of humor but also well trained in his technique. Its one thing to know when to adjust someone, it another to understand why. If you want to really get your health in order check this doctor out!


I’ve been putting off going to a chiropractor for a few years, as I know its hard to find a good one. After doing a little research, and talking to Dr. Steel, DCe about his particular methods, I decided to go in for my initial examination.

I couldn’t believe how thorough Dr. Steel, DCe was in his exam. At the end he told me he would be reviewing the information he’d gathered about me with his wife, (who is also a doctor in the office) and we’d start on Monday.

Every appointment so far has been tailored specifically for what I need, and even after the very first appointment I felt like I could take a deeper breathe, and slept very well for the first time in a long time. I always look forward to going in, and my boyfriend is going in for his initial exam this week!


Dr. Steel, DC is a conscientious and enthusiatic practitioner! I find he tests (and re-tests!) thoroughly before initiating treatment and always tries to communicate clearly about what it is he’s doing. He seems to really have the best interests of his patients at heart and is not trying to up-sell them on work they may not need.


I had never tried chiropractic treatment before visiting Healthwise Chiropractic. Dr. Steel, DC helped my wife tremendously with some long-term injuries from gymnastics and a bad car accident. After seeing her positive results, I went in for a consultation. Dr. Steel, DC was very knowledgeable, but didn’t overwhelm me with intimidating medical jargon. He assessed my concerns about problems with pain and fatigue both genuinely and effectively. He made me feel very comfortable and confident with the idea of setting up a treatment plan.

I started experiencing the positive effects of treatment almost immediately. My problems with sciatica, lower back pain, even sleep issues, were all remedied in a short time. This is, by far, the best thing I’ve eve done to improve my health and energy level.

Added to this, Healthwise was extremely flexible with my constantly changing schedule. Times that I couldn’t make it in to see Dr. Steel, DC, Dr. Jackie Behymer handled my treatment and was equally knowledgeable, personable and thorough.

I have recommended Healthwise to everyone I know who could benefit from this kind of healing treatment. Thanks for everything!

Fred C.

A great place to visit with aches and pains. Even their attitude will make you feel better in no time. Seriously, the whole staff if very professional and there is no hocus-pocus (however you spell that) that you get with some other practitioners. Just good solid work and results!!!