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Lafayette Migraine & Headaches Treatment

What causes headache pain?

Headaches can signal hidden health problems and serious disease, or they may simply be bothersome and painful distractions that limit your enjoyment of life. Headache pain should never be dismissed as normal or ignored, because your body is trying to tell you something.

Here at Steel Chiropractic, our skilled and caring chiropractic doctors can help find the root cause of your headache pain and treat most types of headaches to relieve your pain. In addition, chiropractic care for headaches helps to prevent future headaches through natural, non-invasive treatment methods.

Headache pain can come from a variety of physical causes or a combination of headache triggers in your environment. You may experience headache pain and related functional limitations due to:

  • Psychological stress
  • Allergic reactions to medicines or food
  • Personal injury including accidental falls
  • Sports injury, including concussion
  • Auto accident whiplash injuries
  • Poor posture
  • Ergonomic problems in your office or work environment
  • Diabetes or uncontrolled blood glucose levels
  • Pregnancy and hormonal changes
  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint) jaw pain

Headache pain can often be traced to causes such as:

  • Nerve irritation due to inflammation
  • Fatigue and overwork
  • Pinched nerves due to spinal misalignment (subluxation)
  • Joint dysfunction or deterioration due to arthritis

At Steel Chiropractic, our goal is to relieve pain quickly and treat the source for long-lasting symptom relief. We also focus on headache prevention to improve your overall wellness. We use non-invasive methods which can banish headache pain and restore overall wellness without medication. Related problems, such as low back pain, neck pain and even pain-related insomnia are also treated. Serving the Lafayette area, our chiropractors use proven effective, high tech treatment methods and hands-on chiropractic care to improve your quality of life.

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